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Betsy Ann Gourmet Chocolates Sitemap

The World's Very Best Premium American Chocolates, Business Gifts, Favors, Fundraising

Betsy Ann Chocolates specializes in delicious gourmet chocolates, premium truffles, boxed gifts and holiday candy assortments. Use our sitemap as your guide to our products. Our chocolates are made from the very finest ingredients. Try our delectable truffles as an impressive gift to someone special. Find chocolate gifts available for every holiday of the year. Donít forget to treat yourself to some of our flavorful chocolate confections.

Paras Truffles
The Ultimate Chocolate Creation! The world's finest freshest chocolate, flavors and textures combined to perfection resulting in a delight that stands above all other chocolates.
  • Paras Truffles- The finest chocolate truffles in the world. Paras Truffle Assortments, American Original Truffles, and International Classic Truffles.
Premium American Chocolate Gift Box Assortments
Our best selling and  most popular gifts. Premium American chocolates packaged in a variety of sizes and assortments, ranging from a 1 or 2 piece favor boxes to a 4 lb box.
  • Classic Assortments- A variety of everyone's favorite pieces. All Milk Chocolate, and Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Traditional Favorites- Time honored standards known and loved for generations. Butter Creams, Cordial Cherries, Cordial Strawberries, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Meltaways, Chocolate Covered Nuts, Slopokes(turtles), Fudge, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Covered Oreos.
  • Roasted and Salted Gourmet Nuts- Large size whole Cashews or Deluxe Mix, freshly roasted to golden brown using our special roasting process then lightly salted to perfection.
  • Towers of Gifts- Gift boxes of various assortments stacked on top of each other to form a stunning tower. Small favor size to large impressive towers.
  • Sugarfree Chocolate Assortment- Sugafree chocolate so good you cannot tell the difference. Sweetened with Maltitol.
Premium American Chocolate Bars, Novelties, Lollipops, and Other Treats
Treats for yourself, family and guests for holidays, parties, or anytime. Create your own family and holiday traditions with quality treats that will be remembered for generations.
  • Foil Covered Solid Chocolate- The very finest milk chocolate wrapped in colorful foil. Gold Coins, Gold/Pink/Silver Hearts, Lady Bugs, Single Red Rose.
  • Solid Chocolate Novelties- The world's finest solid milk chocolate in a variety of shapes and sizes and packages. 10 lb Solid Block of Chocolate, Ballerina, Baby Kit, Baking Set, Butterfly, Box of Chocolate Cigars, Congratulations Card, Golf Set, Hairdresser Set, High Heeled Shoe, Hockey Set, Make Up Kit, Motorcycle, Playing Cards, Chocolate Rosary, Teacher kit, Tool Set.
  • Solid Chocolate Lollipops - Made from the finest milk chocolate, and placed on a long stick. Angel, Bear, Ballerina, Baby Buggy, School Bus, Football, Rose, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Roller Blades.
  • Chocolate Bars and Cups- The most delicious treats ever imagined. Chocolate Covered Oreos, Coconut Cups, Giant Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Cups, Peanut Butter Meltaway Bars, Pecan Meltaway Bars, Solid Milk Chocolate Gold Bar, Solid Dark Chocolate Silver Bar, Milk Chocolate with Krisp Rice Copper Bar.
  • Fruit Naturals- Chewy and crunchy snacks made from real fruits and nuts with colors as bold as the flavors. Candy Sunflower Seeds, Fruit Slices, Wild Fruit Bears, Wild Fruit Worms.
Chocolate Candy Fundraising
Raise the most money with the least effort, selling the highest quality chocolate candy fundraiser in the world. Over fifty years of successful fundraising.
  • Fundraising Programs- Seasonal fundraising programs for Christmas and Easter. Gold Chocolate Bar fundraiser raises more money and faster than any one on the market. Chocolate Rosary religious fundraiser.
  • How to Fundraise Successfully- Learn what is common to every successful fundraiser. Step by step guide, including free activity outline.
Business Gift Giving
Gifts of the finest chocolates in the world to thank your customers. Chocolate gift box assortments, towers of chocolate gifts, custom chocolate logos and custom chocolate molds.
  • Gifts for Business- We specialize in sending the finest freshest chocolates to everyone on your gift list, and make sure to get it there on time with your personal gift card message.
  • Custom Molded Chocolates- Imagine your logo in the middle of our great chocolates, or create a custom chocolate marketing promotion.
  • Address Manager- In minutes you can organize, categorize, and prioritize your entire gift list, and keep it that way on our secure website for years to come.
Holiday Chocolates, Treats, and Gifts for Every Season
Chocolate gifts and treats for every holiday. Make your holiday traditions long remembered with the very best quality chocolates in the whole world.
  • Valentine Chocolate Hearts- Paras Truffle Hearts, Classic Assortment Hearts, Towers of Love, Valentine Fancy Meltaways, Valentine Foil Chocolates, Valentine Gummis and Jellies, Valentine Gift Basket.
  • St Patrickís Day- Irish Potatoes are aunique confections made from fresh coconut cream rolled in cinnamon and cocoa powder, and topped with a pine nut. Chocolate Shamrock Lollipops.
  • Easter- Chocolate Easter Eggs, Cream Eggs, Cream and Nut Eggs, Meltaway Eggs, Chocolate Easter Novelties, Paras Truffle Eggs, Easter Baskets, Foil Easter Chocolates.
  • Administrative Professionals- Sweet ways to thank those who help you at the office.
  • Mothers Day- Say I love you mom, with a special box of chocolates.
  • Sweetest Day
  • Halloween - Chocolate ghost and pumpkins made from the highest quality chocolate.
  • Thanksgiving - Chocolate turkeys and pumpkins, made from the highest quality chocolate. Fresh Peanut brittle.
  • Christmas- Christmas Gift Selections, Christmas Fancy Meltaways, Christmas Chocolate Novelties, Parfait and Mousse Truffles.
Chocolate Favors - Weddings, Showers, Parties, Entertaining
Chocolate candy favors for every occasion. From individual pieces of candy to very impressive towers, all made from the very best quality.

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